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The Unofficial Tesla Club mission is to connect Tesla owners in a fun and meaningful way, while promoting sustainability. We aim to achieve our mission by hosting events that both bring owners together as well as educate the general public about Electric Vehicles.

We want to host events that connect current Tesla owners as well as events that help promote and educate the community about electric vehicles. All of the events can be found on this Meetup group page. Register and RSVP to attend any of the events posted. All events are free to attend. You just pay for your own food and beverages.

Do you have an idea for event, (or better yet) want to host an event yourself?

Reach out to one of the event organizers and we'll work with you to get your event listed here, and help where possible to get it posted to the social platforms frequented by those in the Greater Toronto Area Tesla community.

Boring Legal:

The organizers of this meetup site do not endorse (unless otherwise stated explicitly) and cannot be held liable for unfortunate incidents that occur in relation to events posted to this meetup site. We are simply providing a platform for others to post "their" events, and if you have any issues or concerns with respect to a given event posted, please reach out to the specific host, as provided in the event description (not necessarily the "listed" organizers on this platform). Thank you for your understanding, and remember these events are intended to be fun!

Upcoming events (1)

You Don't Know Elon: Trivia Night

Needs a location

Join us Saturday May 1st for "You Don't Know Elon: Trivia Night". Trivia questions are based on Elon Musk! How much Tesla, SpaceX, etc... knowledge do you have? How does it stack up against others in the community?

There will be prizes that include the newly released Hot Wheel RC Cybertruck!

- A device to watch a Youtube stream for questions / follow along.
- A second device to answer questions, live with us. Accuracy and speed matter when answering the questions. For those interested, we will be using Kahoot.
- A nice place to sit. This event will be completely online.

Please only have one person enter per household to ensure fairness and availability for everyone to join. You can still collaborate with your family. Depending on the number of participants, we might break the trivia up into multiple brackets where winners move on. We will respect your time and limit the event to 2 hours total.

We will share a link for the stream the day of the event. Please RSVP ASAP as we want to see total number of participants.

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Tesla Hotwheels Giveaway

Needs a location

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