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This group's for open minded Muslims who firmly believe in oneness of God(Allah) and prophet(saw) but unconvinced of many traditions and rituals. There're many etiquette one may not be able to follow which can develop anxiety and threaten health. One should be able to pray and live the lifestyle freely in a way God's made best suitable for individual needs, liking and comfort. God creates, sees, knows and control everything so one should feel free of guilt knowing he's all protecting.

Come join and mingle respectfully with all types of beautiful minds: straight, lgbt, naturist, free spirit and more. There are many do's and don't's we'll meet to discuss and feel relieved of the favorable outcome. Few examples: using of correct hands, making ablution, salat attire, gender leaders, segregation, interest, alcohol, sex and more that might be of worry. Let's practice faith fearlessly to our understanding, ability and in a progressive peaceful manner. We'll mainly meet to discuss and also do fun activities as well but not preach or enforce any ideology upon anyone or anywhere as we'd not like it ourselves.

This is a private group open to all adults, gender, class or type and is visible to members only so please feel secure and discreet. Please keep all contents private within the group. If members happen to know one another or are even family outside the group then understand that everyone here are in same boat and the bond should be even stronger.

You may participate by also creating simple outdoor discussions meets or more hospitable indoors to practice mutual rituals consented with responsible members of like minds.

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