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A group of us wanted something between a lecture and social event, so we created a casual discussion format that lends itself to in-depth exploration of the many fields of game development. On our first meetup we had 4 different people explain their method of moving a sphere up and down in 3d space for Unreal Engine 4. The broad range of methods for something so simple encouraged us to keep opening similar conversations so that the most veteran C++ devs, beginner Blueprinters, sound designers, and artists could all learn from others’ expertise.

If you learned something cool lately in game development: come share it!

If you are struggling with something in game development: come share it! We love to help!

if you’re looking to network, what better way than to see how people work on particular tasks.

Most of the regulars are indie UE4 developers and artists, but we do not discriminate. I once showed off a Unity C# tutorial using UE4 Blueprints. After watching demos of UE4 materials another member went back to find similar features in Autodesk Stingray. Our talk and tips can usually be applied to many different software packages.

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