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A new type of meetup group where all the members get a chance to be the organizer of "Unscripts", an informal gathering of 5 or more participants to share, network, teach, collaborate and learn something. Think of this as a proving ground to test and discover new types of topics and activities around tech.

More than likely, no stage or PowerPoint - presentations, but some could be, just people sitting around a table sharing and getting stuff done.

We're trying to build an amazing new group so get free headshots for a limited time if you join us now. First photo session, Thurs. Oct. 30. RSVP here: http://www.meetup.com/Unscripted/events/213... (http://www.meetup.com/Unscripted/events/213189512/)

We recognized a few challenges with meetups, there is rarely any follow-up and many topics are left not covered or under-covered. We think that we may have the answer.

Not just DC, Unscripts can be everywhere @ anytime. All you need are 5 people, a place and date.

Why wait for a meetup group to get around to covering a topic of interest? Create it and if there is enough interests we will go all in with additional support. Ever wanted to try your hand at organizing and hosting a small or large gathering/event - here's your chance without taking too deep of a plunge.


How, just join the group, select suggest a new meetup to create and we will vet/approve after 5 other members RSVP. As long as your suggested event covers anything tech, related to entrepreneurs/startups, design and/or development - you are good to go. There is a bonus - if more than 20 members RSVP - we will "Biggy Size" your gathering by possibly finding you a venue, food, experts, and other support for the event based on availability. We will also cross-promote on Startups Central and with other event partners meetup groups adding more friends to the activity. In the near future, may even be able to find you a sponsor.


Unscripted#1 @ WeWork: Wonderbread Factory

Created by Startups Central, Unscripted meetups will break ground as a new Way for people to meet and share anytime, anywhere. It works, we asked participants of our 3 pilot events what they thought of the concept and experience - they loved it. See comments at bottom.

So many topics that fit under the categories of startups, technology, design and development - no one meetup group can cover them on a daily basis. Imagine being able to create an collaborative activity with others who have the same interest or immediate need. That's what Unscripted was designed to do, empower members to create an informal meetup at anytime and anywhere, coffee, conference room - it doesn't matter.

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Want some great headshots and other photographs for free. These were taken at previous events from our main group, Startups Central. Join our group.






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Startup Potluck: Productivity, Food, Booze and Fun + Mobile Prototyping Session

Startup Central Campus (Tysons Corner, 1 Block From Silverhill Metro, Free Parking)

Community Happy Hour @ Barcelona's DC

Barcelona Wine Bar & Restaurant

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