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All of us knowingly or unknowingly attract both positive and negative things in our life.

Our thoughts shape our reality. It becomes things. So be careful what you wish for and you think about consistently because you will get it!

That includes all things abundant be it money, love, health, wellness, happiness and everything that is the opposite. So CHOOSE Abundance because you deserve it!

The technique of making use of thought power to consciously imagine, create and attract that which you choose is part of the Law of Attraction (which this group was originally known by) Your imagination is the engine of your thoughts. It converts your thought power into mental images, which are in turn manifested in the physical realm.

We Really Do Create Our Own Lives.......with Our thoughts...and How We Feel

Thats why its sooo good to be Positive & Enthusiastic. You Do Deserve Everything You Desire..

You get back what you put out there.

In these discussion group, we discuss the teachings of the Law of Attraction gurus like Michael Losier author of the famous book "Law of Attraction", Marisa Peer's teachings which includes How To Train Your Mind To Get Whatever You Want In Life...

Even if you have not heard of them, or have not heard of this concept, we all have our own stories of how a mindset shift, the power of positive thinking, can result in great outcomes. Let's share and learn from each other!

Come along to this group and meet some other like minded people and Learn How to Become The Best Version of You AND Attract All that You Desire and Deserve.

It Starts With Love for Ourselves, and Love For Others, Gratitude and Being Happy :)

See you there!

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