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“This year I AM going to get healthy!!! This time it will be different. This time I WILL stick to it!” Sound familiar? Did you say that last New Year’s? And maybe the year before that…? Every year you say to yourself “This year I’m going to take better care of myself, I’m going to work less, eat better, drink less and exercise more” The problem is that the pressures of life and work don’t stop and if you haven’t resolved the issues in you life that are driving your eating habits, patterns and behaviours, it’s not long before you find yourself knee deep in them again. When I talk to people about their health goals, it’s not very long before the conversation turns to the real problems – workplace stress, relationship issues and breakdowns, anxiety, grief, depression, overwhelm, burnout, fatigue, isolation, loneliness, feeling stuck and trapped and using food and alcohol as a supplement for fun, entertainment and connection, and unable to make any lasting change. What they really want is answers! They want help, support and a process for change that gives them knowledge, understanding, clarity and direction - they want freedom from self-criticism, stress and anxiety. They simplicity want happiness, love and vitality; they want to feel that spark. They want to enjoy life, they want freedom, choices and control – they simply want to live a life that feeds them! Let me help you. When you sign up to this interactive 7 week online program, 7 Steps To A Healthier, Happier, Lighter You, I’ll guide you towards a new way of thinking, thinking that will help set you free and lead to healthier, happier habits and behaviours. Thinking that will ultimately lead you to step into your most extraordinary life so far.

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    Welcome to Unstoppable Business Owners Accelerating Healthy Success.

    We bring likeminded people together so you can grow your network, build relationships and accelerate your health & business success.

    I'm Katie Gordon, Change Behaviour Specialist and I know what it's like to be a unstoppable business owner.

    It's exhilarating, invigorating, mad busy, and all the great things, there is nothing better than setting big goals for business success and getting out there and achieving them.

    Sometimes though, well, more often than sometimes actually, we wear ourselves down to a nub with our high activity, our endless need to be doing things and our ability to plan every minute of our day so that we wring every moment out to it's fullest, we are not the kind to sit on our behinds and waste time.

    All of that upside, can have a downside on our health over time if we don't know how to take charge of our thoughts, feelings and reactions to not only manage stress but to avoid it altogether.

    I wore myself down to a pretty small nub many years ago and had to find ways to get off that crazy ride, regenerate and then get back up and running. I did it through fun, play and laughter and some pretty niffy change behaviour strategies and interventions to stop emotional eating and drinking and took charge of my thoughts, feelings and reactions to life, ultimately taking charge of my health, finances and my life..

    I want to share with you as much as I can of what I know about enjoying the person you are by accelerating your health and business success so you can remain the unstoppable person you are.

    Come meet and greet other unstoppable high achieving go-getters in a fun, easy, relaxed environment, have a ton of fun and feel the support of building lasting relationships.

    You are a natural for this group if:

    • You’re striving for good health in all areas of your life

    • Know that health success is the key to success in all other areas of your life

    • You know good physical health can only be achieved through great mental & emotional health

    • You've got a fun and adventurous spirit

    • Not willing to settle for anything less than what you want

    • Understand the value of building real relationships

    • Wanting to grow your network and meet like-minded people

    • Lateral, forward thinking

    • Driven to succeed with high ethics and standards for getting there

    • Willing to do what it takes to achieve your goals and ambitions

    • Always looking for new opportunities to grow

    • Tuned in, tapped in, turned on

    Unstoppable Business Owners Accelerating Healthy Success is a group who come together, connect and collaborate, share our skills, knowledge and wisdom to help the group members grow their business, make money, and ultimately make a bigger difference in the world.

    We’re excited to see you at our next event, come and join us, share what you do and join in the fun.

    In the meantime, love what you create.

    Katie G

    Change Behaviour Specialist

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