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The goal of this group is to create experiences to enrich your life with interactive workshops, guided meditations, and lively discussions in our weight loss,emotional eating and self-love (body acceptance) support groups. Private and group coaching will be offered on various topics. Some of our workshops will include Vision Boards: How to Make Them Work For You, Habit Change: Why is it so Hard?, Emotional Freedom Technique: What is it?. We’ll also be offering self love workshops, classes in goal accountability, weight loss through habit change and neuroscience and a variety of other activities and opportunities for you to discover your Untethered Potential, meet new friends and have fun.
Your organizer and Coach is Ronee (Ron-nae) Lemanski, she is dedicated to creating a vibrant, heart-centered community by connecting us by the interests we share. She is a certified Law of Attraction and Transformational Life Coach. Weight loss and Emotional Eating Coach, an EFT (tapping) Emotional Freedom Technique and Reiki practitioner. She brings a variety of practices using neuroscience and the latest science based tools, processes, skills, and knowledge to share with you. Ronee is also certified in a bunch of other stuff, but you get the idea.
We warmly invite you to join us in creating happier richer lives, with more joy and abundance, love and laughter!

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