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Orienteering is an international sport where you follow a course using a map and compass. Beginners follow trails, but as you advance, more of the course is done off-trail. You can come and race with us, or you can learn to be more confident walking or hiking in the woods using a map and compass. If you do any hiking, adventure racing, hunting, or bushwhacking, we can teach you to read your map and use a compass. It's a great family sport, and you are welcome to do the courses in small groups or individually. Up North Orienteers is affiliated with a New Hampshire orienteering club of the same name ( http://upnoor.org/ ). Our objective is to foster and promote orienteering as a recreational and competitive sport. Up North Orienteers offers a full schedule of orienteering events in New Hampshire. Our event schedule is dominated by local meets (designed for beginners, casual orienteers, and competitive types). Most of our meets are in the spring and the fall. We also have some permanent courses where we do training and practice skills.

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