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What we’re about

Welcome! The Delaware Board Games Alliance is the umbrella group for several board game Meetup groups in New Castle County, Delaware: Upper Delaware Board Games, which meets in New Castle; Newark Board Gamers; and the UUFN 4th Friday Game Night group, both of which meet in Newark. This alliance was created to assist our organizers with overlapping membership, consolidate costs, and generally make it easier for the gaming community to come together and have some fun!

Please consider joining our Facebook groups:

Upper Delaware Board Games

Newark Board Gamers 

We play a huge selection of games, from American party favorites to challenging Euros, word games and trivia games, deck builders and worker placement games, strategy games and abstract games, dice games and card games, cooperative and competitive. <br>

This group is 18+, so please contact our organizers if you have questions about bringing your children or teens.

If you're new to gaming and your only frame of reference is Monopoly and Apples to Apples, welcome! We learned many of our new favorites because other members brought them and taught us, and we are happy to teach you, too.

And if you're a seasoned tabletop veteran, we've got plenty of enthusiastic hobbyists ready to enjoy a challenge. So come on out and show us your fun side!

Please take a look at our About Us Page for more information about who we are and what we play.

Please note that this group is closed to member solicitation. If you are a game designer, developer, or promoter, we are more than happy to play-test or promote, but please contact our organizers first.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, and welcome! <br>