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The essence of humanism is this: we look to human experience (including the results of scientific inquiry), rather than divine revelation, for guidance on how to live well. So in making our life choices, we rely on scientific facts, and we listen to our own inner voice, to friends, and to wise men and women of all persuasions. For more on humanism, see the page "About Humanism (https://www.meetup.com/Upper-Valley-Humanists-Association/pages/22626222/About_humanism/)".

We are a group of people who enjoy seeing each other regularly, having a supportive fellowship, and learning together. Those who drop in for one event are always welcome; we hope some will stay and become friends. We have borrowed the motto of the international Sunday Assembly movement:

Live Better, Help Often, Wonder More.

Our meetups fall into three classes. First, we have regular gatherings on the first and third Sunday of each month. These consist of potluck, sometimes a presentation, and discussion. The discussion may get somewhat philosophical at times, but there is always a pragmatic question at the heart of it. Second, we often participate/volunteer, as a group, with other organizations. Third, we like to have fun together, and many of our meetups are just about enjoying a good time with like-minded friends.

In our discussions all points of view are welcome; we require only that every participant be respectful, tolerant, civil and willing to learn.

Upcoming events are described below. If you would like to suggest an event (ideas are always welcome!), please contact any member of the planning group (Sue Buckholz, Jim F, Tracey, Gerald Kozak, Diana Munson, Martha Pullen, Susan Tucker).

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The Airing of Grievances (Online)

Online event

It's been a challenging time for all of us. Here is your chance to let it all out, by sharing your favorite grievances, pet peeves, gripes, complaints, annoyances and disgruntlements. We'll be grouchy as we want to be and feel better for it. Important: This meeting will be held online using Zoom and not at the Library. You will be provided the Zoom link when you RSVP.

"Send down another canary." Finding toxic chemical indoors (Online)

Several years of laboratory testing show that many commercial products from carpets to air fresheners and shower curtains emit toxic chemicals. Air from homes and schools tell us the same thing. The problems for occupants may not be trivial. We will discuss. Important: This meeting will be held online using Zoom and not at the Library. You will be provided the Zoom link when you RSVP.

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What Was the Worst Year in History? (Online)

Online event

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