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The essence of humanism is this: we look to human experience (including the results of scientific inquiry), rather than divine revelation, for guidance on how to live well. So in making our life choices, we rely on scientific facts, and we listen to our own inner voice, to friends, and to wise men and women of all persuasions. For more on humanism, see the page "About Humanism (https://www.meetup.com/Upper-Valley-Humanists-Association/pages/22626222/About_humanism/)".

We are a group of people who enjoy seeing each other regularly, having a supportive fellowship, and learning together. Those who drop in for one event are always welcome; we hope some will stay and become friends. We have borrowed the motto of the international Sunday Assembly movement:

Live Better, Help Often, Wonder More.

Our meetups fall into three classes. First, we have regular gatherings on the first and third Sunday of each month. These consist of potluck, sometimes a presentation, and discussion. The discussion may get somewhat philosophical at times, but there is always a pragmatic question at the heart of it. Second, we often participate/volunteer, as a group, with other organizations. Third, we like to have fun together, and many of our meetups are just about enjoying a good time with like-minded friends.

In our discussions all points of view are welcome; we require only that every participant be respectful, tolerant, civil and willing to learn.

Upcoming events are described below. If you would like to suggest an event (ideas are always welcome!), please contact any member of the planning group (Sue Buckholz, Jim F, Tracey, Gerald Kozak, Diana Munson, Martha Pullen, Susan Tucker).

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Should Democrats be bolder about what they stand for?

Online event

[This topic and materials are gratefully lifted from the Civilized Conversations group (See https://civilizedconversation.wordpress.com )]

The progressive wing of the Democratic Party has complained for years that party leaders are overcautious in attaining and wielding political power, especially in the Thunderdome that modern American politics has become. At the same time, the Republican Party has grown increasingly ruthless and authoritarian. Is this true? If so, what can we do about it?

The argument from progressives that Democrats are too timid boils down to three propositions:
1. Republicans fight dirty (including routinely lying about what they stand for) to gain political power and then pass laws/policies that the majority of Americans actually oppose (i.e. opposition to Roe v. Wade)..
2. Democrats, if they were more progressive and better/bolder at communicating what that really means for average voters, would win more elections. And, if they acted more ruthlessly – like Republicans – when in power they could get more policy done to help people and protect our democracy.
3. The reasons Dems don’t do this is mainly due to the weak/self-doubting character of its leaders, or the anti-progressive bias of big institutions like corporate mega-donors. Not because of what some or even many of their own voters think, or what many independent voters want or don’t want. In other words, boldness would be rewarded, not punished.

Our meeting will be to discuss how much of the above is true and, if it is true, what could be done about it.

BACKGROUND READINGS – Will be provided by email.
This will be a Zoom meeting.

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