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This is a group for anyone interested in wrangling big data and extracting actionable intelligence for the data engineering science process. Some of the meetups are aligned with 1-2 hp PhD courses at Department of Mathematics at Uppsala University (such events are also open to those from industry with the right background and pre-reigtration). Some of these modules done jointly with domain experts may lead to industrial certifications (see for example: https://lamastex.github.io/360-in-525/ or https://lamastex.github.io/scalable-data-science/sds/2/2/ ). These meetups are free!

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Introduction to Privacy-Aware Decisions

Free registration is open for 'An Introduction to PrivacyAware Decisions - A Full-Day Workshop in DataSciences' at https://lamastex.github.io/scalable-data-science/360-in-525/2019/ You need to signup at the following link and NOT via Meetup to attend the event: https://simpleeventsignup.com/event/146419

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Introduction to Apache Spark in one Saturday

Ångström Visualisation Lab (Ång 11240)

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