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Are you a creative person? One who thinks outside the box? If you have a true zest for life, learning, empowering culture, food, wine, outdoors activities, music, literature, book and wine clubs, health and wellness, volunteering, giving back in unorthodox ways, networking, entrepreneurship , travel, and all things "Upscale?" Feel like you work so hard and don't have the chance to go on vacation as much as you'd like, but daydream about travel and culture all day long? If so, this is the group for you.

We will embark upon all sorts of cool stuff, as we expand our current horizons and live life as if we were 'on vacay' each day, benefitting from enriching experiences no matter our race, culture, or gender. We respect all and do not judge, there's already enough of that in the world, isn't there?

Welcome aboard the 'Upscale Adulting' in Charlotte train with Organizer, Lesette Westbrook

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