What we're about

Upstate agility is a community of agile students, teachers, and practitioners who meet for two types of sessions:

1) Agile Activities - hands-on immersive learning activities and exercises that foster an agile mindset and prepare you to drive results in your team and organization.

2) Real impact in the community- hear first hand from practioners how they have increased agility. The impact and the impediments.

Suitable for Agile practitioners of all experience levels in any domain (manufacturing, marketing, sales, IT, product development, etc.), these dynamic, informative sessions will increase agility amoug the upstates growing agile community.

Past events (2)

Agile is Dead (long live agile...with a lower case a)

Commerce Club - Greenville

Upstate Agility-Lean Coffee

Venture X - Plush Mills

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