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What we’re about

Hello, and welcome to the Uptown Dallas Holistic Healing and Manifesting Group!
I'm Shari Covens, the founder of Soul Harmony™ Healing and Transformational Coaching. Previously based in Los Angeles, where I led transformational workshops and served healing and coaching clients locally and across the US since 2008, I'm now based in Dallas and created this group for those who wish to discover and achieve their highest vision of well being and success—and to enjoy their journey with other like-minded souls. 
Since I've been in Dallas, I've also noticed most of the holistic-oriented events and groups are based in North Dallas, Plano, and other areas outside of the city center, and I'd like to find my tribe near my 'hood in Uptown Dallas!
Join us if you are ready to transform into your best self, to embrace your inner divinity, heal your issues, and fully step into your power as a loving, peaceful, joyful, and abundant co-creator of your life, and as a creative force in the world.
The purpose of the group is to empower members with an understanding of consciousness and healing based on both leading edge scientific research and ancient healing wisdom; to share soul-centered principles and practices that promote wholeness; to provide tips, tools, and guidance on your journey to success; and to allow you to experience transformational processes that allow you to be your most healthy, blissful, and confident.

The gatherings are also a place to share challenges and victories, and to be supported in your efforts to manifest your dreams.

If you'd like to more easily align with your soul's purpose and are ready for a higher level of wellness, happiness, and success, please join us.
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Thank you, and I hope to meet you soon!
Shari Covens, Founder
Soul Harmony™ Healing and Empowerment Coaching