What we're about

Let's be a friendly group of ladies of all situations, ages, creeds, skin tones and orientations, who live in, want to live in or work near the Uptown, Wedge, Linden Hills and surrounding areas and are seeking girl time out. Let's explore new bars and restaurants in our area, return to favorites, go to various events and festivals, walk together around our neighborhood lakes and talk about what's been spinning around in our brains.

You may be new to the area or just looking for some lady friends to hang out with... Whatever your reasons, let's get together and be there for each other :-)

Although some of our meetups are happy hours, if you don't drink, we don't care, come anyway! Order water and enjoy the companionship and the cheap happy hour eats that will be listed out in the meeting invites.

Our group still has small meetups and that generally means 4 to 8 people at each event where we really get to know each other. It also makes being an organizer is tough when this happens. Read on...


New Rule: Before this summer, I didn't take any action regarding no-shows, but after experiencing multiple meetups and having 9 RSVPs and only 3 or just me showing up, I've decided that if someone can't be bothered to change an RSVP to no before the start time of a Meetup, that no-show will count against that person and if it happens 3 times, I will remove that person from the group. Myself and the other organizers are really tired of sitting alone in a restaurant for 15, 20, or 30 minutes waiting for no-shows!

Who can join: you must be a woman and that's it. If you are a guy and try to join, I will remove you & ban you from trying to join again, nothing personal ^_^

Our sister meetup: I am also the organizer of the Western Suburbs Women's Meetup (http://www.meetup.com/Western-Suburbs-Womens-Group/)- same "ladies only" rules, same everything. If Uptown Girls has nothing on the schedule for the day you want to do something, it's possible that WSWM will and it may only be 20 minutes away, in the 'burbs

Upcoming events (5)

Walk around Lake Harriet with Paula S and Anna A

Bread & Pickle

Join us to walk around Lake Harriet on Monday evenings.

Walk around Lake Harriet with Paula S and Anna A

Bread & Pickle

Join us to walk around Lake Harriet on Monday evenings.

Friday Happy Hour with the UGs — location TBD

Message me to let me know where we should have our next happy hour that will be on this date. I'm open to anything within a 2-mile radius of Hennepin and Lake Street.

Sunday Brunch on the Patio at Esker Grove at the Walker

This please has delicious food and right now no requirement for reservations. It also has a very nice outdoor dining patio which we will use as long as we can. Join us!

Past events (435)

Friday Happy Hour at Lago Tacos on Lyndale

Lago Tacos Lyn-Lake

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