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Welcome to Uptown Runners!

Though Chicago is full of devoted runners, many of the groups meet in Lincoln Park. But why head down there? We've got beautiful stretches of lakefront path and terrific, fun neighborhoods to run through right here in Uptown. The goal of this group is to connect with other runners in the area and find running buddies!

Organizers will host a few runs a week, but eventually we'd like committed members host runs, too! If you are interested in hosting a run, please contact me! Want company on your 6:00 am 6 mile run each Wednesday morning? Post the run! Want to run a 9 min pace for 4 miles on a Thursday afternoon? Schedule it! Think it would be fun to run 3 then go to one of our nifty neighborhood restaurants for a beer? So do I! Anyone can host a run!

We began in 2012 and we are now over 900 runners strong, and this group is what we make it! Looking forward to connecting with more Uptown runners in 2018!

Questions? Ideas? Just email me! My personal email reaches me fastest - dinahjaneb@mac.com.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Upcoming events (5+)

Monday Night Fun Run

Fat Cat

Join us for a 3ish mile run then $5 burger and beer at Fat Cat! All paces welcome. New to the group? Join us!

Lakefront 10 miler & 5k

Lakefront Track

I can't think of a better way to start the racing season by signing up for the Lakefront race! Two distances are offered, and a 9am start. It's close to uptown so you don't need to commute downtown, plus beer is included with registration😊. See you guys there! I'm signed up for the 10 miler. https://www.caralakefront10.com/

Dim Sum & Then Some: The Uptown 5k

1030 W Argyle St

An uptown runners tradition - the dim sum uptown 5k! I created an Uptown Runners group, code is Uptown 2019. I also found a $5 discount code using code TAD. Counterintuitively, to sign up under the group you navigate to individual not teams and it will let you enter the name later. https://www.active.com/chicago-il/running/distance-running/dim-sum-and-then-some-the-uptown-5k-2018

Guest Physical Therapist to Discuss Injury Prevention - Interested?

Folks, I had the good fortune to work with a super PT after a small hip ailment. She's a runner, too, and just wonderful. Any interest in having her come out one night to have her talk to us about injury prevention? I don't have a budget for this but if everyone chipped in $10 or $15 (depending on how many we get) we could make sure she's taken care of. If interested, please leave a comment and indicate if you'd prefer a weekday evening or weekend day so I can find a time that works for her and us! Thanks! Let's stay happy and healthy as we head into winter!

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Monday Night Fun Run

Fat Cat

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