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UBLA (formerly called FUSLA - First Urantia Society of Los Angeles) is a social group of people interested in the 2096 page Urantia Book, published in 1955, that purports to be a message from the Universe Authorities to our quarantined planet known to other worlds as Urantia.
UBLA holds quarterly meetings in Anaheim, CA that feature guest speakers, dinners and discussions about what this book says about creation & evolution --- physical, personal, global and cosmic. Starting with a description of eternal Paradise and the Central Universe of Havona and its inhabitants, the Urantia Book (the UB) continues with a full description of our evolutionary superuniverse that includes many evolutionary local universes where visiting Life Carriers initiate primitive life suitable to a particular planet such as ours. Part IV of the UB is an authoritative restatement and elaboration of "The Life and Teachings of Jesus", identifying him as the incarnated leader (and creator) of our local time-space evolving universe.

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Shedding the BEAST

Online event

Two 10-min graphic videos by Physicist Nigel Nunn with Discussion

Unitarian Universalist Church in Anaheim - UUCA

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