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Urantia Midtown NYC Study Group
For those people who have just started reading the Urantia Book all the way to long time UB readers who wish to deepen their knowledge of The 5th Revelation, this new UB study group will offer you a wonderful opportunity to learn, grow and discover by reading the UB with fellow truth seekers. Twice a month, we will read the book together and gain a heightened awareness of your relationship to God and to your brothers and sisters on this planet as well as in other sectors of the Master Universe. It will reveal who we are and what our purpose really is, the true history of both our Earth and of mankind, the structure of the Master Universe and our exact location in it, the various levels and functions of beings in many other realms. It will answer questions in great detail such as how Jesus lived and what He wanted us to know and do, what life after passing from this world will be like for us all, the structure and divisions of the angels, cutting edge scientific data and much, much more! The admission for all of these study group meetings will be FREE thanks to the generous contribution of The Urantia Society of Greater New York.

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208 W. 13th St. West of 7th Ave., South side of st. · NYC, NY

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The group is made up of long time Urantia Book (UB) readers as well as new readers interested in what the UB is about. We read as well as discuss the UB and answer questions that come up. The Urantia Book has been translated into 18 languages and is known as “The 5th Revelation” and contains nearly 2,000 pages divided into 196 Papers related to all aspects of human life. The book begins with a description of God and the central universe of divine perfection. It starts with a description of the cosmos and moves outward toward life on our planet, covering in the process the essential elements of our careers from life here on Urantia (the universe name for the earth), all the way until we come into the personal presence of God on Paradise. The highly detailed biography of Jesus places the Urantia Book in a class with the finest literature in the English language. Some concepts in the Urantia Book have never before been expressed in print. The book's unique value lies in the comprehensive manner in which already well-known concepts are so expertly presented so as to illuminate God's love for each of us, and our place in his eternal plan—fitting these concepts together gives a philosophical and spiritual unity to our understanding of God's dealings with mankind. All are welcomed. No obligation of any kind.

This Group meets at CAP Studios located at 18 West 18th Street (Between 5th and 6th Aves). This is a free study group . Meet other locals to discuss your spiritual path. Share your most profound and transformational personal experiences and talk about ways to incorporate spirituality into your life. Open to people of all faiths and cultures!

Attend the Urantia Midtown NYC Study Group which meets the First and Third Sundays of every month promptly at 12:00PM and continues to 1:45 PM. Join Us!

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