• New members meeting/update!

    Needs a location

    Whether this your first time or you have been part of our team since the beginning, this is a great time come meet other like minded individuals and get updated on what events etc we have coming up. We love being as transparent as possible and want to make sure that our team stays as up to date as possible! Bring anyone you think might be interested. We will have refreshments! See you there! :) Dont forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram! facebook.com/urbandevelopment4 @urbandevelopment4

  • Water Gun Summer Splash

    Cypress Grove Park

    It's Florida and its hot!! Let's help each other cool down with an epic water gun fight before they have to go back to school! This event is the perfect way to beat the Florida heat and is a great alternative to going to the pool. Gather up your kids and their friends and head on down for the craziest afternoon ever! Click the link below to purchase tickets! www.eventbrite.com/splash This is an event for children ages 8-16. Make sure your gun does not look like a real gun. Water will be available at the park. Dress to get soaking wet. Parents will need to stay on site. Please check this post for any changes due to bad weather. All proceeds go to Urban Development Community for preparation for our upcoming events.