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“The city is a place of desire, permanent disequilibrium, seat of the dissolution of normalities and constraints, the moment of play and of the unpredictable” - Henri Lefebvre

Play the city and with those in it.

For adults interested in urban games, playful interventions, performative "happenings", and forming a play-community in Rotterdam; this group is for you.

What is a Playwalk?
Lily & Bruno's Playwalks are play-based walking tours through Rotterdam that happen once a month. In these loosely facilitated happenings, we play group games that change the way we interact with and move through urban space. Each Playwalk is site-specific and explores various themes of urban life and the unwritten rules of the city. Curious? Join us and play along!

Lily Higgins is a human-centered designer dabbling in strategic foresight, applied play, and experience design. She is also a trainee at the European School for Urban Games | http://www.lily-higgins.com & @lilyobserves

Bruno Setola is a practitioner of play, professor of Gamification, and founder of Playspace; an applied play-design studio based in Rotterdam | http://www.playspace.cc & @playspacer

Past events (7)

Playwalk #6: Drifting Alone Together

Roel Langerakpark

Social Distancing Game: W_NDER

Branco van Dantzigpark

Playwalk #5: Make/Play

Keilewerf 2

Playwalk #4: Light Up Your Street

KINO Rotterdam


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