• Call for UPC Leadership

    Tacos Tortas and Tequila

    Hey Peeps, UPC is on a journey to build the black inheritance. Specifically, in the DMV, we want to be the largest non-profit community of young black professionals investing in stocks, real estate, and entrepreneurship. However, there is one problem that prevents us from lifting this endeavor off the ground: we don't have enough core team members in leadership to help build the community. Community and accountability is what we are all about. We are looking for: Passionate individuals who enjoy learning, developing, and partnering in the community Accountable team members that will partner with us to make this black inheritance vision a reality Partners who will not only support our crazy vision, but also marry it with their own personal vision for wealth in their own family and the black community as a whole. Sound interesting? Is it for you? Only one way to find out. We invite you to join us for a casual discussion (UPC style) over dinner, where participants can introduce themselves and also learn more about this lofty vision and how we plan to execute it. Whether you're a regular or have yet to attend an event, you're welcome to the table! Lastly, although I hope this goes without saying, this is not a solicitation for funds or anything like that. We don't want any money, just your interest, commitment, and perhaps a bit of your time. Hope to see you soon! Justin

  • UPC Q2 Game Night @ Kaldis In Silver Spring

    Kaldi's Rooftop

    Hey Folks. We're bringing Game Night back for 2019 Quarter 2 with a slightly new twist. If you've been a part of UPC for a while, you know that Game Night is pretty much our biggest and most talked about event. Let's kick back and get competitive with an insane amount of games at our favorite black-owned spot, Kaldis in Silver Spring. We'll start the night off right with some interactive games to make sure everyone feels right at home. We'll also have Uno, Connect Four, Taboo, Catch Phrase, Chess/Checkers, Jenga, and of course our standard card games we know and love (i.e. Spades). Plus, when the mood is right, we'll break out a special group game and get everyone involved. WHAT'S NEW IN Q2: - Twister (I dare someone to play this) - Raffle to win 1 of 3 gift cards - There's a brand new lounge in Silver Spring (we may slide by afterwards) Any games you don't see but want to play? Feel free to bring em! We've got a few new ones up our sleeves too. (P.S. If you bring a game and people like it, we might just buy it for next time) Kaldis also has a really great happy hour with great deals that lasts til 8PM, so I guarantee this will be a good time. So prepare for some continued turn-up if you choose to stay out. Come solo or some with friends! You'll be sure to meet some really cool folks in Silver Spring! Best, Justin