What we're about

The purpose of this group is to facilitate experiences for guys in their 30s and 40s who want to do fun sh*t around Portland and beyond, explore the outdoors, contribute to the community, cultivate meaningful friendships and professional connections, learn and grow in an inclusive and relaxing atmosphere.

Are you married with kids and missing out on quality hangouts with your guy friends? Maybe you’re new to Portland and don’t have a crew to do fun sh*t with? Or maybe you're interested in having cool, authentic experiences and want to make new friends in the process? Then this meetup may be for you.

As we enter into our 30s and 40s, with career and family taking priority, often our friendships are the first to take a back seat, leaving us feeling disconnected. This group is all about having meaningful experiences in and around Oregon and making new friends in the process.

Experiences will include but not limited to:

* Hiking and mountain trekking.
* Try out different breweries and/or distilleries. Maybe guided tours.
* Entrepreneur co-storming and mastermind discussions
* Skiing up at Mt. Hood
* Guided fishing trips
* Watching blazer games.
* Community volunteer projects.
* Camping
* Outdoor basketball in the Summer.
* BBQs in the Summer.
* Mushroom hunting (edible and psilocybin)
* Crabbing at the coast.
* Snowshoeing
* Rafting trips
Open to other suggestions!!

Who this is for:
* Guys in their 30s and 40s in and around the Portland area
* Any race, ethnicity, religion.
* Anyone wanting to facilitate an event or lead an experience

Who this is not for:
* Arrogant or puffed-up guys.
* Bigots, racists, or other close-minded types
* Those who have no capacity for personal growth or self-exploration.

Past events (13)

Metolius River camping

Allen Springs Campground

South Sister hike

Soda Creek Campground

Paradise Park hike on Mt. Hood


Mount St Helens climb

Needs a location

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