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DEATH VALLEY National Park CAMPING +METEORS +Hiking TRIP: Great for First Timers
DEATH VALLEY + Meteor Shower / Friday night through Sunday FLAMING METEORS FALLING FROM THE SKY. Never camped before? This is a great "first time" trip. Ok. It's not Urban. but it is an Adventure... Everyone's heard of Death Valley. But have you ever been there? Here's your chance... The lowest spot in North America. Golden rock formations. An endless white salt playa. Crazy multi-colored rocks. Sand dunes that looks like a scene from a movie. A crater. Incredible photo ops. The hottest place on earth (but that's why were going in the Fall). Some of the darkest skies in the US. Oh, and did I mention the meteors flying overhead? Considered one of the best meteor showers, the famous Leonid Meteor Shower peaks while we're at Death Valley and because there's no moon to interfere, the skies will be crazy dark. We're talking BLACK SKY dark. (Death Valley is a certified "dark sky" park.) You'll see thousands of stars popping. The Milky Way will float above you. And meteors will reign down. Yes, sometimes things just come together perfectly...and this is one of those times. We're going to DEATH VALLEY NATIONAL PARK. NOVEMBER 16-18 Friday night through Sunday. Come join us for a weekend of shooting stars, hiking, sandboarding, camping, Milky Way gazing and campfire hanging out. We'll be sleeping below sea level but surrounded by towering 11,000 ft mountains. Yes, it's a unique place. HIKING/ CAMPING FOR NON-CAMPERS: This trip will be a good mix. We'll be doing some hiking in the daytime, getting to know Death Valley. We'll explore the lowest spot on the continent and walk the open playa. Full hiking itinerary to come. HAVEN'T CAMPED BEFORE?: Our hikes are easier than some of our recent trips -- and this trip is in fact, a good intro to camping. Weather should be moderate, we're in a developed campground, there are even some restaurants nearby. So no camping experience required, but please be in good shape with some hiking experience. SANDBOARDING: That's right! Sandboarding. Bring your old snowboard you don't like and you can ride down the sand dunes. Really. It's a thing! A toboggan or cardboard box will work too. CAMPFIRE TIME: HANGING OUT + METEORS: When night falls, we'll eat and drink, and hang around the campfire And get to know each other. For some, this is their favorite part of these trips. And when it gets a little later we can lay back, gaze at the thousands of stars and wait for the meteors to emerge, blazing out of the night sky. PHOTOS: Most of the photos you see here are pix I took from our last Death Valley trip. Yeah, its a lot of fun. GETTING THERE: The great thing about Death Valley -- it's a little closer than the National Parks we've been to recently -- so less driving. Depending on where you leave from, it's only a 4+ hour drive from L.A. Carpooling will be required - you can coordinate your carpool thru a carpool tool I link to. Everyone carpooling will split gas cost and you'll also split the $25 park entrance fee. But if you arrive at night, there's a good chance you won't have to pay. And a lot of people have the Parks Pass, which gets you in free officially. WEATHER: I know what you're thinking: This is in November -- won't it be cold? Well, Death Valley is the hottest place on the planet, so you don't want to go in the Summer. In fact, November is really the time to go. Expected temps around 72° high and 52° low. That's great camping weather! But obviously I can't guarantee the weather -- it's nature at work. RSVP INSTRUCTIONS:I want to make sure you're prepared will be ready to go. So once you RSVP I'll email you a short survey/questions which you need to return to me (So don't forget to give me your email address when you RSVP.) And you won't officially be on the trip until you're confirmed and pay. Event is crossposted on different Meetup groups so the RSVP's you see here show you an incomplete picture of who is going. COST for the trip is $75 per person. (Special early price until Nov 9. )To encourage everyone to NOT wait until the last minute, the fee will go up by $20 one week before the trip, on Nov 9th. Never camped before? Don't worry, this is car-camping (not backpacking) -- it's civilized. It's a developed campground - you park and camp near your car. The campground has real bathrooms with running water. You should have basic gear for car camping -- sleeping bag, pad, flashlight/headlamp, the right clothes and shoes, etc. If you don't have a tent, don't worry, we always end up having more tents than we need, so you can find space in someone's tent. Drinking cups, plates and utensils will be supplied. There will be hot water in the morning for coffee and 3 gas stoves for cooking. You supply your own food. Campsite has a grill for BBQing. And remember, as always, No Dogs, No Kids and No Bad Attitudes

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Death Valley National Park

Attendees only · Death Valley National Park, CA

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