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We do hikes, music in strange venues, camping, popup art shows, bike rides, kickball at the zoo, bonfires, ghost towns, outdoor movies, BBQ's, dancing, pub crawls, trips to the fair...Photos show our variety.

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Amazing BIG SUR CAMPING by the Ocean # A RARE Opportunity! # Perfect time to go!

The legendary, beautiful BIG SUR. I'm sure you've heard about what a special, almost mystical, place it is. One of the few areas in America where the mountains meet the ocean. Maybe you've driven up the coast past Big Sur. That's cool -- but it's not this cool! Have you ever camped overlooking the the ocean and woken up to the sight of whales swimming in the water outside your tent? Nobody EVER organizes trips to Big Sur because it's almost impossible to find a campsite. Not only do we have a campground booked but it's in the most awesome location you've ever seen! We'll hang out and listen to the ocean outside our tents. This is the best time of year to go! The hills should be green and lush, weather is usually great! We'll explore the area, hike on the beautiful green bluffs overlooking the crashing waves and we'll walk along the beach. This should be a very fun trip. CAMPING RIGHT NOW: We will take all the required precautions -- see details below. This is one of our smaller trips. (So don't get mad if it fills up and you don't get on the trip :-) RSVP if you're interested. CAMPING FOR NON-CAMPERS: This will be an easy, chill trip. Please be in good shape with at least some hiking experience. (Griffith, Runyon... anything.) But no camping experience is required. This would be a good intro to camping: Our planned hikes will not be difficult. (But we always do one that's a little longer & more interesting.) You're at sea level basically, so no altitude problems! Weather should be great We're in a developed campground w/bathrooms PRECAUTIONS RIGHT NOW: This trip is in early June: We will follow all state and CDC rules in place at the time, and we will just follow common sense. This trip is smaller -- we are not be staying in a large group campsite. (I'm pretty sure giant group sites are going to be illegal for a while.) Instead, we will have roomy individual campsites, with 6-8 people per site. Right now, I'm planning to have us operate as semi-autonomous groups based on each campsite. We stay in these smaller groups -- let's call them Team A, Team B, etc, Outside our group, we will adhere to social distancing -- it's just the smart thing to do. This is a good trip for these times. First of all, just being outdoors is a good place to be. And Big Sur does not attract large crowds. There's a constant ocean breeze. We will not be on any narrow, crowded trails in which we must pass strangers at a close distance. (I will be bring my face mask just in case, but I will not be hiking in it. Maybe use it stores and with people outside our group.) Each campsite will be supplied with their own stove, cooking gear, etc, and I encourage everyone to bring their own stuff if they can. In addition, I will issue each person their own set of plates, silverware etc. No potlucks, no drink sharing. Duh! I will be taking a bunch of steps toward hand sanitizing & washing. More details when you RSVP. WHAT GEAR DO YOU NEED? You should have basic gear for car camping. You don't need expensive REI gear. (Cheap WalMart stuff is good enough) But If you don't have any equipment, I can bring extra tents, and I have a few extra sleeping bags, camping pads etc to loan out if needed. I bring 4 gas stoves, cooking gear etc. Plates, cups, silverware are supplied, so you don't have to worry about that. RSVP INSTRUCTIONS: If you've camped with me before, you know that after you RSVP I send you a survey with questions you need to answer. I'm now adding some new questions specific to this situation; you might find some intrusive, but I think they're necessary. I want to know about you, your job, the precautions you've taken and any concerns you have. And you won't officially be on the trip until you're confirmed and pay. (Don't forget to give me your email address when you RSVP.) Cost $95 per person. There's no entrance fee.

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