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We do hikes, music in strange venues, camping, popup art shows, bike rides, kickball at the zoo, bonfires, ghost towns, outdoor movies, BBQ's, dancing, pub crawls, trips to the fair...Photos show our variety.

Come to one event or come to them all (well, there is life outside Meetup, so maybe not all...)

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Zion Private Campgound

Are you ready for Zion?
Its legendary!
Angel's Landing.
The Narrows.
Hoodoos (they're crazy rocks)
The Emerald Pools
Much, much, much more!
Including Bryce Canyon.

Zion in the Fall. It's a good time to go. Zion is in sort of in a heat pocket, so weather is usually surprisingly warm. And if you want to do The Narrows, the water levels are lower, so that makes it easier. Plus, it's less crowded and shuttle reservations are no longer needed.

Zion has that special, old school National Park atmosphere. It's unique. And Bryce Canyon right next door is totally different - full of bizarre towering golden rock formations called hoodoos. And even if youve been to the area before, there's a bunch more amazing lesser known areas just outside the Park you can explore! This is not a hardcore trip, but please be in good shape with some hiking experience

We TAKE smart precautions:
Some people just TAKE your money.
But that's NOT how we do it!
I also send you a survey. I ask questions.
I think it would be irresponsible NOT to do it this way!
I want to know we're all on the same page.

HIKING + CAMPFIRE TIME + HANGING OUT: We have a beautiful campsite for 3 nights. This trip will be ambitious but I like to keep it a good mix: There's amazing hikes in the day but when night falls, we eat and drink, hang around the campfire, play games, tell stories, and get to know each other. For some, this is their favorite part of these trips.

GEAR: You should have basic car camping gear. You don't need fancy REI gear. (Cheap WalMart stuff is good enough) And I also have some tents & gear to loan out.

Each campsite will have its own stove, cooking gear, etc & you can bring your own stuff too. Everyone gets their own set of plates, silverware etc.

If you want to go - RSVP Yes. (Don't forget: Give me your email address.) Then I email you a SURVEY w/questions. Answer them. You won't officially be on the trip until youre confirmed and pay.

(Event is crossposted on different Meetup groups so the RSVP's you see here show you an incomplete picture of who is going.)

Cost $130 per person.
We'll carpool and you'll split the gas cost with your carpoolers, of course.


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