What we're about

This is a network throughout Denver, Colorado that comes together to discuss different strategies, topics, plans, and options for everything ranging from natural disaster, to terrorist attack, to zombie infestation,...

Survival is a common and critical need among all humans, no matter what religion, political affiliation, ethnicity, education, family situation, or sense of humor you have. In the DUSN, all our differences are left behind, and the core principles of living through anything that may come our way is available for everyone.

Ask yourself:

What are you prepared for?

Who's safety are you in charge of?

What is the worst event you can you really survive?

In Denver's Urban Survival Network we have meetups covering everything from basic first aid, to setting up a complete self-sustained Bug Out Location, with new ideas created each day.

If you are new and just starting out, and would like more information on disaster and emergency preparedness, you can join and soak up knowledge that could very much save your life one day.

If you have experiences that you would like to share, tips you would like to show, classes you would like to teach, join the network and help us help others.

Go ahead and sign up now, this is a network here for you, as long as you are here for others.

Denver's Urban Survival Network

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