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This group is about Urbit, a new network of personal servers that give you the digital freedom that was promised to us. Are you tired of MEGACORP controlling your data, your identity, and your computation? If so, then this group is for you.

Go to https://urbit.org/ to learn more about the project.

The aim for this group is to discuss the current state of Urbit development, bring new ideas on how to build the new future of the internet, share knowledge, and experiment with this amazing technology. We will occasionally have presentations of certain parts of the system, both for technical and non-technical users.

Urbit is for everybody, and everybody can contribute to the project. Design? Social Networks? Computing? Social Experiments? DIY hardware? Bring your ideas to the group!

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What is Urbit?

Ryesgade 106A

Introduction to Urbit

Vesterbro Bibliotek og Kulturhus

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