What we're about

This is the Philadelphia-area enthusiat's group for the Urbit clean-slate OS and network for the 21st century.

From https://urbit.org/ :

Urbit OS is a clean slate reimagining of the operating system as an 'overlay OS'. It runs on any Unix machine with an internet connection. Urbit OS is a compact system for an individual to run their own permanent personal server.

Urbit ID is a decentralized digital identity system. Your Urbit ID is a username, network address and crypto wallet designed for Urbit OS.

Urbit OS + Urbit ID are designed to work together as a single system. Both are completely open source (https://github.com/urbit/urbit) for anyone to build on top of, play with and experiment with.


"Urbit is not quite ready for everyday users."

That's where this group can hopefully fit in. We'll provide a regular get together of real people who you can interact with and make sense of this intriguing project.

Daryl, this group's organizer, is a long-time technologist who has been using urbit for several years at this point and is an active community member and contributor. He doesn't have all the answers, but hopefully enough of them that we can have some fun and maybe change the course of the future.

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