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User Experience & Design Riyadh (UX) is for anyone interested in user experience and usability research, design, development and testing. All levels of UXBERTs are welcome, from expert UX ninjas to users who enjoy a good user experience. Let's get together, share our experiences and inspirations, talk about best practices and emerging techniques in UX, watch UX talks, exchange ideas and thoughts. I started this group to meet other UX enthusiasts and grow the Saudi User Experience Design community. We'll meet monthly, with the occasional presentation.

تُعد مجموعة User Experience & Design Riyadh (UX) مناسبة لجميع المهتمين بتجربة المستخدم وأبحاث قابلية الاستخدام والتصميم والتطوير والاختبار. جميع الـ UXBERTS مرحب بهم ، بداية من خبراء في مجال تجربة المستخدم حتى المستخدمين الذين يتمتعون باستخدام انظمه ذات تجربة استخدام جيدة. لنجتمع معًا ونتشارك خبراتنا وإلهاماتنا ونتحدث حول أفضل الممارسات والأساليب الناشئة في تجربة الاستخدام ومشاهدة محادثات تجربة الاستخدام وتبادل الأفكار. لقد أنشأت هذه المجموعة للاجتماع مع المهتمين في هذاالمجال الشيق والمساعدة على انماء مجتمع تصميم تجربة المستخدم السعودي. سوف نجتمع شهريًا مع عروض تقديمية من حين لآخر.

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World Usability Day, 2019 - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Badir Program for Technology Incubators

It is 2019 and we are back with the annual event of World Usability Day!! We're very excited to host this event in Saudi Arabia, on the 14th of November. There will be a bunch of fun and interesting activities that revolve around creating new good designs or enhancing the evil designs. The theme for this year is “Designing for the Future We Want” and it was inspired by the United Nation’s (UN’s) Sustainable Development goals for the future. These 17 goals provide a roadmap of a future that we could be seeking to attain. More details will be announced soon, stay tuned! ------------ And much much more, but most important of all, this is a great opportunity to meet and network with some of the most exciting, innovative and creative personalities in the city. So come one, come all, share the details with your friends and co-workers. We can't wait to see you! We look forward to seeing you all in Riyadh to celebrate World Usability Day :) Present your Product or Share your Experience at the next UX Event I'm sure we all have interesting stories related to UX and in order to increase the community's engagement and frequency of meetups, we’d like to invite any member who would like to present a UX, Design, Tech or Startup workshop to share your case studies, experience or expertise with the group. Please submit your proposal for review on http://speaker.ux.sa Join the User Testing Revolution We're lucky to be testing the coolest and newest products being made in Saudi in our Usability Lab. If you would like to be an early adopter or pioneer of brilliant new products and services in Saudi Arabia and get paid for your feedback, then you should sign up on http://research.uxbert.com now. Join the best digital creative UX team in Saudi Arabia! Yes, alhamdulilah we’re growing and we need support! We're hiring at our Usability Lab in Riyadh and if you're smart, talented and hardworking, please send your CV to [masked], along with why you’re more awesome than nutella on kunafa. You can see a list of available jobs at uxbert.com/careers, don’t worry if your role isn’t listed, you can create your own job too. Can you host the next meetup? If you've got a large venue in your company that can host or sponsor more than 100 people in the evening, please send me a private message as the group’s numbers have outgrown our offices. You can also email me at [masked] Thank you for your time and we look forward to meeting you soon at the next UX & Design Riyadh community meetup. Who is this for: This particular meetup is aimed at new members of the group, product managers, project managers, startup entrepreneurs, designers and developers who are new to usability testing.

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Jumping into the Future: Augmented Reality and Saudi E-commerce

Badir Program for Technology Incubators

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