When UX Meets the Real World


Weston building, 1st floor auditorium

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18:00 Gathering and networking

18:30 How to design a product the will become everybody's companion.

Yael Lipskin-Moshe, Product manager, Get Taxi

Vika Finkel, Product designer, Get Taxi

Doesn't matter if you are a rugged British cab driver or an Israeli Hi-tech expert, Get Taxi has to approach everyone.

We chose to show, through different case studies, how one product can suit a large audience. In all of these examples we will depict the design process, as well as the major role of the feedback we have received.

We will also show the importance of good cooperation between the UX designer and the product manager.

This talk will be in Hebrew

19:20 It's Never too late to question yourself

Anna Bloom, UX expert at Matrix Experience

Three years ago Alcatel Lucent had a revolutionary idea in the field of communication - to build a cloud based resource platform. The Matrix Experience team had been recruited in order to design the interface and UX. Since the product was a pioneer in this field, the whole design was based on assumptions !

2 years after the Beginning of the project, and after receiving a lot of feedback from user testings, Alcatel Lucent have decided to stop and question the assumptions that led the way.

In the talk I will discuss the fascinating difference between the product in its early stages and today, 3 years after.

This talk will be in Hebrew

20:10 Estimated end of event

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