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Utah DINKs or Dual-Income-No-Kids is a social group for adult couples of any background or preference who want to meet and hang out with other similar-situation couples. This will allow for last-minute events, spontaneous activities with friends made, and making plans that do not revolve around an age limit of any sort.

While this group is starting off, events will be smaller. IE: Game nights, arcade and movie meetups, dinner/brunch, hiking, etc. As the group grows, we'll be able to accomplish larger events, such as community sport participation, serving local communities and charities, advanced screenings of films, perhaps even get-aways/retreats.


• Members must contribute to dues once the trial period is over.

• Be kind, courteous, and respectful.

• No one under the age of 18 is permitted to join this group.

• Harassment, bullying, romantic advances and soliciting are not permitted.

• The DI in DINKs is more just the common terminology, if one member in a couple doesn't pursue a career, they are still welcome to join so long as dues and participation fees do not burden their budget.

• Bringing additional friends is encouraged, please make sure they are adults and not seeking romantic connections.

• You must RSVP to all events before their stated deadline to attend, including +1s etc. This allows our group to maintain good relationships with venues, vendors, and sponsors.

• We will NOT exclude couples of any sort so long as they abide by the above rules and the local and federal laws in their behavior. Heterosexual, Homosexual, Transgender, Bi-curious, Poly-amorous, Latter-day Saint, Baptist, Atheist, Catholic, Buddhist, and all the rest are absolutely welcome. If this may bring discomfort to yourself or your significant other, please know that intolerance will not be permitted.

• Meetup.com reserves the right to ban access to it's services to registered sex offenders.

• Hosts and Organizers are permitted to make executive decisions on an as-needed basis regarding member behavior and consequences. Since this group is designed for couples, these situations and some outside the scope of our listed rules may arise.

If you or your significant other have any questions or concerns regarding the rules, administration, or conduct of our group, please reach out to an organizer, we will do our best to address them privately and for the good of the group.

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