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The Haum Meditation studio offers many different styles of individual and group meditation and yoga classes in Park City, Utah. Our practices range in all major traditions. You’ll find our studio a warm and welcome space to practice mindfulness, meet fellow community members, and experience a wide range of meditation and yoga classes stemming from a variety of traditions.

Drop-in for a class (https://www.haummeditation.com/park-city-meditation-yoga-schedule/), borrow a book from our library, or just stop in to say hello and browse our shop. Come find your aum at Haum Meditation.

Visit HaumMeditation.com (https://www.haummeditation.com/) for our full schedule and for more information.

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Haum Meditation Photo Shoot

Haum Meditation Studio

Restorative Movement

Olio Mind

Qi Movement and Pawanmuktasana

Olio Mind

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