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Deploying a Rails app with Kubernetes, SLC.rb Sept 2018
Containers! Containers! Containers! They're all the rage these days, but how do you make sense of the dictionary-explosion of products like LXC, Docker, CCS, Kubernetes and everything else? This month we're opening a container-full (pun intended) of Container + Ruby goodness to get you going. We're privileged to have Jason Carter (of Mavenlink) help us all out with: "Who says Rails can't scale? Deploying a Rails app with Kubernetes". Jason recently completed a migration of a Rails app from Heroku to Google Cloud with Kubernetes: we'll talk about Kubernetes, how to get a Rails App running on it, and the flexibility it gives you to start breaking apart your monolith to be truly "web scale". As usual, there will be food+drink provided but in order to make sure our own "refreshments container" doesn't run dry, please RSVP (and feel free to bring a +1 or more, just add them to the RSVP list!)

SLCC Miller Corporate Partnership Center

9690 South 300 West, 3rd flr, Room 333 · Sandy, UT

What we're about

This group is for anyone interested in learning more about web development, particularly related to Ruby/Rails & other applicable languages/frameworks.

We have several chapters, or brigades which hold meetups and events frequently

• Salt Lake County Ruby Brigade (slc.rb)

• Downtown Ruby Users Group (DRUG)

• Utah Valley Ruby Brigade (uv.rb)

• Layton Ruby Brigade (layton.rb)

• Logan Ruby Brigade (logan.rb)

• St. George Ruby Brigade (stgeorge.rb)

At the monthly meetups, generally there is a presentation or two, or group activities, and always good conversations/activities related to things happening in the Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and general software development world. We also tackle cover good software development practices, and many of the emerging technologies, front-end frameworks, ops tools, responsive design, and mobile technologies.

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