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Bitcoin is a new digital online currency that is decentralized and uses cryptography to secure the network, it allows anonymity in transactions, essentially eliminates fees, and can potentially reduce or eliminate the need for third party online(or even personal) payment systems such as Banks, credit cards, and PayPal. I noticed there is no Bitcoin meetup in Utah so I decided I would take some initiative and create a meet-up to get the ball rolling here in Salt Lake City! Basically we will come up with a topic for every meeting in order to educate, create, and network all things Bitcoin and Bitcoin related. In such an early stage of development, I predict, along with many others from Silicon Valley, that the future of Bitcoin is very bright indeed. This meet-up welcomes hackers, programmers, entrepreneurs, tech savvy individuals, but you don't need to be any of the above to appreciate what Bitcoin can do, these meetings are very much open door to anyone who wants to take the time to discover a great new technological and economic experiment with great potential.

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Think Tank Round 2! March’s Topics Covered - Yelp for Governments -Self and Local Sufficiency to Escape Debtor Living (Would anyone want it?) -First Level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Charles Eisenstein’s Economical Ideology’s - Overview of Topics - Do they need a Blockchain? -Bonus Topic - What’s going on? Venezuela Preface: The year is 2019, the population has breached 7 billion world wide, and human data has become one of the most valuable and easily obtained assets ever known to man. The financial issues in multiple industries are growing exponentially. Inflation is undermanaged, student debt is outrageous, real estate is breaching a repeat collapse, credit card debt has grown exponentially, education is failing, the middle class is disappearing, blah, blah, blah ... How can we fix these endless issues with disruptive technologies? This meetup is designed to create conversation and explore ideas from the unique minds within our community. Each participant will bring their topics to the table, present the problem and open the topic to discussion for a highly creative brainstorming session. Topics can be fun and goofy or they can be serious issues. The sky is the limit. Please join us for an evening of awesomeness! Anyone is welcomed to come, although spots will be limited to 20 attendees (Due to the size of the space and possible food), so please RSVP to guarantee your participation.

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Disruptive Technologies Think Tank


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