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The Utah County Freemasons Meetup is meant for ALL PEOPLE in Utah who have an interest in Freemasonry, and especially those interested in joining Freemasonry. It is sponsored by local Masons living and working in Utah County.

Our meetups take place throughout the Wasatch Front (both North and South of the Point of the Mountain). Come join our group, meet with us, get to know the world’s oldest and most influential fraternity, learn how you can join, and learn how you can LITERALLY follow in the footsteps of men like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Motzart, and many other very famous and influential men throughout the world’s history.

Have you ever wondered how the Founding Fathers pulled off the miracle of forming and maintaining our great nation - The United States of America? In large part, they succeeded in doing this by being brothers bound to a higher code of conduct, ethics, honesty, love, relief, and truth. This is what Freemasonry is all about. We invite all good men drawn to these tenants to come and learn more.

If you want to join Freemasonry, you must ask us about joining. Don’t be shy about your interest in this great organization.

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Damascus Lodge #10 - Free & Accepted Masons of Utah Neophyte Class

Learn about Freemasonry and what it takes to become a Mason, particularly with Damascus Lodge #10.

This is an online event. Please contact our Secretary to receive a link.


Come learn about the oldest Fraternity in the World!

Chubby's Cafe Vineyard

This event has been temporarily canceled due to COVID-19. Please check back regularly. We'll announce here and on our Facebook page when we're back.

Ever wondered what is Freemasonry? Or why so many great men throughout history have been Freemasons? Come learn why millions of men from every social, political, and religious background become Freemasons. Meet some of the brothers from the local lodges over a casual dinner. Friends, spouses, and all are welcome to learn more about our ancient Fraternity!

This meet-up is a joint event for all Masonic Lodges in the Utah Valley, which includes: Damascus Lodge #10 and Story Lodge #4.

Story Lodge #4 Dinner Meetup

Provo Masonic Temple

Come join us for a casual light dinner before our meeting. Meet a few of the Masons in your community, ask questions, and learn more about our ancient and honorable fraternity. Friends and spouses also welcome.

There are two lodges in that meet in Provo. Story Lodge #4 and Damascus Lodge #10. This is the regular business meeting for Story Lodge #4.

Damascus Lodge #10 - Free & Accepted Masons of Utah Stated Meeting

Provo Masonic Temple - Damascus Lodge No. 10

This meeting is for the Masons of Damascus Lodge #10. It is where they conduct the business of the Lodge.

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Damascus Lodge #10 - Free & Accepted Masons of Utah Stated Meeting

Provo Masonic Temple - Damascus Lodge No. 10

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