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Special Event: Yield! Javascript Generators for Fun and Profit

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We are trying something a little different. Jonathan Lipps is a developer at , the most excellent hosted testing company. He is also the creator of, an open-source test automation framework that lets you write Selenium-like tests of native iOS and Andriod apps. Appium is written in node, so he knows a thing or two about the JavaScripts.

Jonathan is flying in to SLC to present. Instructure is graciously lending us a place to meet, and iTV is graciously providing the delicious food. Come hungry and come ready to learn about:

Yield! Javascript Generators for Fun and Profit

A new language feature is coming in Node.js that will greatly simplify Javascript's asynchronous programming. We all love to hate the "callback pyramid"---now there's something we can do about it! In this talk I'll explain the concept of 'generators' and how they work. Finally, as a case study, I'll look at a generator-based library I created called "yiewd", which is a generator-based WebDriver client developed to make it easy to write automated functional tests with Appium or Selenium, and show how you too can migrate from a callback-based library to a generator-based library in your own projects.

If you are also interested in learning about Appium and how to use it to test your apps, I bet you could convince Jonathan to help with that as well.

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