PLUG: Setup your own home Google App replacement with NextCloud

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Meet via NextCloud:

In 2009 Bitcoin was released to the world as, what the developer hoped would be, a premier digital currency. In the following 11 years the true digital "currency" that has been adopted by the masses isn't Bitcoin, it's your privacy. Knowing what people like, who they communicate with, their views, and their opinions is what the masses use as payment for a bulk of online resources. Lucky for us, we can do something about this without losing access to these kind of valuable services!

In this month's meeting we'll be talking about the Google App replacement app Nextcloud. Nextcloud provides file syncing & sharing, docs, calendar, contacts, email, chatting, and so much more all running from your own server. We'll talk about what it is, what it can do, and how you can easily stand up your own server so you can begin to de-Google your life.

This months presentation will to be hosted virtually using Nextcloud Talk video conference app. If all of us overload the server or are hitting a max user count, we'll then switch to Zoom. Both the Nextcloud and Zoom links will be provided on the day of the meeting via Telegram and the mailing list.


The Provo Linux Users Group ( meet monthly to discuss Linux, Linux-related topics, and technologies of interest to Linux users. If you enjoy Linux, or would like to learn more, join us.

This meeting will be held virtually this month.

Meet via NextCloud:

**If there are issues, we may meet via Zoom; link will be provided if needed**