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What we’re about

This meetup group is associated with (and shares the same admins as) a "secret" Facebook group that provides for better privacy ( groups are all visible to the public).  If you would like to join the FB group, contact one of the admins.

We are an in-person social and support group for those who live in UV and: -have left the LDS church
-are struggling with the LDS church
-are “NeverMos” looking for something outside the predominant culture.

We are building our community and would love to see you at one of the many events happening each week! Check the events to see what’s coming up:
Our goal is to keep our group a safe place, where people can process what they are experiencing and come to for recommendations on local resources such as: new churches they could explore, or locating great tattoo artists.

To achieve this, adherence to the following policies is a must. If you see a policy being broken, tag a few of the admins so we can see it and implement corrections as needed. Escalation stages will usually follow the path of:
-a reminder of the group policies and moderation of the thread using the [MOD] tag
-a warning, either in the thread or via personal message
-lastly, being banned if compliance has been refused or ignored.

1. Harassment and illegal activities WILL NOT be tolerated at UVPM events or within UVPM online forums.
2. Keep threads on topic to the original post. If someone is looking for recommendations on a resource (such as finding a local church), it's against the rules to dive into all the reasons why they are wrong to desire it.
3. Personal attacks towards others in the group WILL NOT be tolerated. Examples include: name-calling, threats, ganging up on someone because of their beliefs, behavior that is repeatedly contentious in nature

1. Any posts dealing with sensitive topics known to trigger emotional trauma should include a trigger warning (e.g. “TW - sexual assault” and several blank lines), so they can easily be scrolled over.
2. Screenshots must redact personal information ( 3. Posts on the UVPM Meetup or FB forums that are deemed as selling goods or services should be limited to the first Sunday of the month.

1. All events listed on the group event page must follow the minimum group policies, and hosts are free to include additional rules/restrictions to fit their situation and comfort levels.
2. All events posted on the UVPM Facebook page need to address two issues:
-Are kids allowed?
-Is alcohol allowed?
3. Links to private events taking place outside the group can be posted here, but if it is believed they will violate the group policies, or are inappropriate, the admins reserve the right to remove the post.

**If you have questions or concerns regarding any policy, please contact an admin:

Kirsten Barksdale, 
Larissa Norman, 
Plonnie Jenson,
Camron Buhler,
Stuart Jenson,
Jared Horton,