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Your Utica NY area chapter of the "drinking club with a running problem", hosting a couple events a year locally in the Mohawk Valley for those 21 and older and co-sponsoring a couple more each year with other kennels. What's an H3 trail? Well, we walk, crawl and (rarely) run a noncompetitive 2 to 5 mile cross country trail of adventures and merriment marked with flour and chalk. Or a pub crawl. Or just drinking practice. Better than nothing, and putting the UTI in UTICA since 2014.

Web at http://www.uticabtnh3.com/, mailing list is at mailto:uticabtnh3+subscribe@googlegroups.com

We are a group of social people interested in running, drinking, exploring, and raunchy humor. Come join us on our next hash!

What is Hashing?

You have just stumbled upon an international phenomenon, where a group of people, “Hashers”, follow a cryptic trail that has been marked by the “Hare”. This trail leads to beer, water, snacks and a lot of camaraderie. Some people run, some people walk, but they all follow these marks along streets, trails and off the beaten path until they find a beer stop. Now, there is water there too and snacks, but we’re really known as a Drinking Club with a Running Problem.

Anyone with an open mind aged 21 to 99 or older are welcome! Participating "hash cash" typically is pay-as-you-go, $5, or is more for special events (see trail info for specifcs). We run year round, rain, snow, or shine.

Still not sure what Hashing is or need more reading material? Check out this wiki page for more info (Wiki from Boston H3 worked hard on it just for you!):

Common questions about hashing:
• Who Can Come To Trail? Trail is open to anyone 21 and over, unless otherwise noted.

• What Do I Need To Do In Order To Come Out? Nothing is needed beforehand! Just show up!

• What Do I Bring & Wear To My 1st Trail? Bring: The Hash Cash, a well prepared liver, and a sense of adventure! Wear: Clothes and sneakers you don’t mind getting dirty or torn!

• Can I Still Do Trail If I Don’t Like or Can’t Run? Walker, jogger or runner... trail is great for all levels!

So don’t be afraid to come out if you don’t run. We have a bunch of walkers and/or walk-joggers.

The organizers accept no responsibility for loss, damage or injury, however caused or sustained by any participant in any event or associated activity. Participants expressly waive their right to pursue any of the organizers or fellow participants for any loss, damage or injury while taking part in these events or associated activities.

Upcoming events (3)

Utica H3 / SOH4 World Peace Through Beer Trail Weds Oct 20th!!!


Weds October[masked]- Utica/SOH4 World Peace Through Beer. Location TBD, likely in Syracuse downtown for monument walk and run featuring a beer stop with beers from around the world.

6:09 Start, location TBD (likely a run to a bunch of monuments around Syracuse)

More detrails to folllow!

Road Wh*re Option: Halve Mein World Peace Through Beer / 700th run (set by OTD)

Halve Mein is having their 700th trail on Weds Oct 27 and One Trick is setting this as their World Peace Through Beer trail.

Likely starting in Schenectedy at Frog Alley.

6:09 start.

If anyone wants to carpool from Utica, let me know!

Save the Date: Utica H3 Boiled Liver Trail Run June 9 2022!

Save the Date for the Utica H3 Boiled Liver trail!

Prepare for the BoilerMaker the following day by hydrating with your beverages of choice and running/walking 3-5 miles (eh, closer to 3) in the woods.

More to follow!!!

(information) Hashing Road Trips -- Dates + Locs In Post

Technically, 'road wh*ring' is visiting an H3 trail an hour or more from your home. We post some events that we are going to, but we can't get to all of them.

The Utica FB group and website (www.uticabtnh3.com) has events and links, posting these here

Therefore... Road Trip Options Where You Might or Might Not Find Utica Hashers:

Lowish Amount of Planning
•Monday all Summer, Sat all Winter: SOH4
•Thursday all Summer, Sun all Winter: Flour City H3
•Wednesdays (every 20 days or so) alternating w/ Saturdays: Halve Mein H3
•Alt Sundays plus bonus trails: Ithaca H3

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