Functional Programming Patterns w. Java8 /live coding marathon by Victor Rentea

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Utrecht Java User Group
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17:30 Doors open
18:00 Buffet
19:00 Presentation: Live Coding Marathon, 5 exercises
20.00 Break
20:15 Live coding in Java: on a topic you choose (see at the end the options)
21:15 Drinks

About the talks

After leading 2 projects making heavy use of Lambdas and Streams, consulting many others at IBM, and teaching hundreds of developers as an Independent Trainer, Victor gives us a synthesis of the best practices, patterns and anti-patterns he refined over the years.

Among the points you will hear:

Fat, unhealthy lambdas
How to make a Predicate happy
Stream wrecks
The cure for the most frequent bug of all
Passing-a-block and The Loan Pattern
5 ways to implement type-specific logic

All via several live coding exercises. However, as this will probably be the fastest live coding you saw in your life, the second part of the meetup will dive into more detailed explanations of the exercises you (the audience) will select.

In the menu for the second part we could have (all live-coding):
- Refactoring Kata (video store)
- Legacy Code Kata: techniques to bring legacy code under unit tests
- TDD Coding Kata: Solving a (rather simple) problem using by-the-book Test-Driven Development
- The Proxy Fairy - The Magic of Spring: 5 ways to intercept method calls with Java and Spring

About the speaker

Java Champion Victor Rentea is one of the top Technical Trainers in Romania. He trained and coached more than 1000 developers of 30+ companies over the 6 years of his training activity. At IBM, even though they call him a Lead Architect, he writes code each day: he’s maniac about Clean Code, so expect seeing some hard-core refactoring. Victor is a key community member: organized the largest 3 Bucharest Java User Group meetups in history. In 2018 he founded the Bucharest Software Craftsmanship Community in which he runs open sessions about clean code, refactoring, pair programming and TDD. He posts daily on LinkedIN and Twitter thoughts about culture, technical excellence and Software Craftsmanship. Victor is now regularly invited to speak at major international conferences (30+ talks until now, #2 best at Devoxx Belgium 2018). His live-coding sessions are insane, lightning-fast but well crafted, full of enthusiasm, deep insights and take-away tips. Things that he learned the hard way during his 14 years of experience. You can find out more about him on