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The Battle of the IDE's & Learning Through Tinkering

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Michel van D. and 2 others
The Battle of the IDE's & Learning Through Tinkering


March 2019 is our "Back to School / Learning Month". This year we started the "Speaker Incubator Program" and Ko Turk was one of the first members to join this program. He will now do a talk about "The Battle of the IDE's". Tom Cools also spoke for the Utrecht JUG in April 2017. This time Tom will do a talk about how and what you can learn from "just for fun" projects.


17:30 Doors open
18:00 Buffet
18:45 The Battle ofthe IDE's by Ko Turk
19.35 Break
20:00 Learning Trough Tinkering by Tom Cools
20:50 Drinks


1 JetBrains License
1 free ticket for Serveless Architecture conference


About the talks

The Battle of the IDE's

IntelliJ IDEA is the best IDE! Or is it Eclipse? Netbeans perhaps? Or are you working with Emacs/Vi/VSCode or something else?

Do you recognize the discussion with your colleagues? Why you should start using another IDE! The one that they use of course!

In this session I will show you which IDE you should use (or at least try). Not only based on my opinion but also on that of other developers that filled in the research [What is my favourite IDE and why](

There are a lot of cool features you definitely need to see!

Learning Through Tinkering

In the daily drag of requirements and deadlines we often forget to take the time for the fun stuff. Yet it’s these “just for fun” projects that drive us towards greater knowledge and inspire us at our jobs. But… what is it you can learn from them? Moreover, how do you even find something to work on?

I will share the paths I have taken to “learn through tinkering”. Join me as I show you my attempts at:

Creating an autonomous infra-red battle tank;
Unraveling the inner workings of a certain Pocket Monster mobile game;
Driving a Lego Boost robot using Java;
Creating a game using only vanilla Java (no extra libraries);
… and more if time permits!

This talk focuses on the lessons I learned along the way and how those insights help me in my daily developer life. Brace yourself, it’s going to be quite a ride!

About Ko
Ko Turk is a Senior Java Developer at Blue4IT, currently he is working for one of the biggest banks of the Netherlands. He loves to go full stack, creating backend microservices and frontend web applications. Because he likes to know everything about Java, you can find him regularly at the UtrechtJUG or other conferences.

About Tom
Geek in all facets of the word, including but not limited to boardgames, comic books and programming. Developer without borders, both geographically and technically. Active as a consultant, usually for some of the biggest financial institutions in both Belgium and The Netherlands. Next to that I am trainer/teacher who loves to share not only knowledge but also passion for our craft. Currently working for Info Support NV
Blue4IT Office
Zoomstede 21a · Nieuwegein, al
How to find us

Sneltram 60 has a stop (Merwestein) in front of the building. This line will take you in 20 minutes from Utrecht Central Station to the Codesquad office. By car you can park under the building. The entrance is at the Nachtwachtstede.

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