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UtrechtJS Meetup #12

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Christiaan van B.


12th UtrechtJS meetup coming up and this one will be focussing on data journalism and D3.

18.30 Foods and drinks
19.00 An introduction to Data Journalism by Winny de Jong
19.30 Break
19.45 Visualizing data with D3.js by Nadieh Bremer
20.15 Lightning Talks
20.30 Drinks

An Introduction to Data Journalism - Winny de Jong

Since the world in 2016 is very much a digital world almost everything could be, and most of it is, described using numbers. The last couple years there has been a revival of data within the field of journalism. It was rediscovered that data can be a source for a story, or the tool that tells a story, or both. Datajournalist Winny de Jong will give an introduction into the world of data journalism - with a special focus on visualization.

Visualizing data with D3.js - Nadieh Bremer
D3 has taken over the world of online (interactive) data visualization. Strangely, it is not a charting library, but that is perhaps one of the reasons it works so well. During my talk I'd like to show you a small piece of the enormous set of possibilities that you can create with D3 through showcasing a few of my personal projects. I'll also give an introduction to creating visualizations with D3 and how easy it can be to create something fun and interactive.

Grote Koppel 7b, 3813 AA · Amersfoort
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