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Have you asked yourself, "Where are the individuals rocking vegetarianism, veganism and very cool ideas in the Mile Square City and the JC?"

If you have, welcome to V Rock! The Hoboken + Jersey City Vegetarian + Vegan Meetup where men and women rock connection over conscious, delicious cuisine to create positive change for ourselves, our cities, animals and Earth.

We're a tribe from all walks of life - V-Rockers - vegetarians, vegans and the very cool - who strive to be conscious and compassionate, make choices to live healthier, expect the best of our towns and befriend authentic, inspiring individuals.

Here are some things we're all thinking about for Hoboken and Jersey City:

- Who are the other vegetarian and vegan foodies in our area?

- Who wants to rock veggies together at restaurants and potlucks?

- What ideas, plans and things are folks rocking to create positive change?

- What Hoboken and Jersey City restaurants have great vegetarian and vegan food?

- How can we convince Hoboken and Jersey City restaurants to offer more or better vegetarian and vegan cuisine, as well as substitutes for dairy, eggs and gluten?

- How can we band together to inspire ourselves to live our best, most conscious life—from what we eat, to how we live, to what we buy, to how we travel, to how we help and to what our cities should be doing to make change possible?

Each one of us has come to a vegetable, fruit and nut-based diet from different paths, whether it's compassion for all beings, concern for the planet, improving our health, living longer lives, getting into top athletic form, following in the footsteps of our heroes or leaving a legacy for those we love.

And each of us are at different places along our paths, whether vegetarian, vegan, veg-cuisine enthusiast or veg-hmmm, but there's one thing we share: a drive to conquer and improve our bodies, our conscience and our consciousness, rock our worlds, abandon stale ideas and adopt ones that replace harm and suffering with help and joy—and, ultimately, help us to achieve individual greatness, collective wisdom and universal kindness.

Please join V Rock! The Hoboken + Jersey City Vegetarian + Vegan Meetup to meet others looking for authentic, inspiring friendships with the like-minded. Together, we'll rock veggies, whether in restaurants or in each other's kitchens, rock ideas, plans and things creating positive change, share information on what good restaurants or organizations are doing good things and, of course, rock our towns!

Any V-Rocker can organize a meetup, so please don't hesitate!

Please RSVP for meetups!

V Rock Hoboken and Jersey City! We Rock Hoboken and Jersey City!

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" Fact: All wine is NOT vegan!🤔 - Fact: Vegan food IS delicious!😁 - We are having a five-course VEGAN dinner paired with five VEGAN wines!! - An Amanda’s first! - Join us Thursday April 25 at 7:00pm -$75. Per person plus tax and gratuity - call[masked] for reservations or buy tickets "

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