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Design Party #1 Feat. Mimi O Chun, Designer + Artist from Brooklyn
Design Party #1 is here again! September 25th @ 7 PM. Design Party #1. A monthly party for the design community of Salt Lake City. Where aspiring and senior designers meet, collaborate and learn from industry. Format: quick chat by a lead designer than party. This party we're delighted to bring a NYC based, global designer: Mimi O Chun. Mimi is a designer who leverages over 20 years of experience bringing opportunities and ideas to life from the initial expression of a strategic vision to brand creation to products and services that live in the world. As a founder, advisor, investor, and consultant, Mimi has crafted numerous online and offline experiences for a number of companies including General Assembly, Airbnb, and Enough and has held leadership positions at a variety of innovation consultancies including IDEO and IA Collaborative. Throughout her career, she has engaged with a wide range of industries including education, media, retail, financial services, hospitality, and personal care. . Join us for art + conversation + sculptures. . Drinks provided . RSVP before space fills @ . #saltlakecity #DP1 #lifeintech

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