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The vision of analytics is becoming more compelling in every industry sector: businesses see the many ways that data drives competitiveness, efficiency and profitability. And the reality of analytics is that it isn't the responsibility of a small cadre of data scientists - senior executives, line managers and IT organizations need to be part of the push to translate analytics vision into business value (V2V). This group is designed to support business and technical professionals who want to capitalize on 'the economics of data' in their business processes, customer interactions, management decision making and other facets of their operations.

V2V: The Economics of Data is managed by InsightaaS with the support of Information Builders.

Here's an overview of our agenda:


Analytics in a business context - research complete, and ready to be published in book form in February, 2019. Many thanks to our 30+ contributors! See you at the launch in February!
· Developing the analytics business case
· Problem solving: the right data for the right question (research complete and published; launch meetup held in March)
· Monetizing data: identifying and capturing) ROI on analytics
· Establishing analytics within the organization


Analytics and Process Change
· All about data: classification, integration, veracity and trust (research calls in January, meetup in March)
· Value stream mapping (research calls in April, meetup in June)
· Culture changing: operationalizing data (research calls in July, meetup in September)
·Engaging the enterprise, one user at a time (research calls in October, meetup in November)

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GCDCS21: Digital Innovation in the Next Normal

Needs a location

It's the highlight of the annual IT calendar! On December 2nd, InsightaaS - joined by Stratascale – An SHI Company, Equinix, Technology Integration Group - Canada, Schneider Electric, OVHcloud, Rittal, DevOps Toronto and the new(-ish) and mighty 7x24 GTA, will deliver #GCDCS21 - the fourth annual GCDCS.

This year's event features keynotes from Eugene Roman, Alex Benay and a special lunchtime keynote from Africa on "eMasimini: Technology for Good," discussing Blockchain as a means of addressing food security, poverty, health and gender inequality in Africa, delivered by Shadrack Kubyane and Pretty Kubyane.

The roster of 25 incredible speakers includes Andrew Eppich, Peter Gross, Paul Cooper, CTOs Cheryl Rodenfels and Jason Hood, senior IT execs Roy Hart, Joe Belinsky and Rocco Alonzi, Susanna Kass from Stanford/UN, Quantum guru Michele Mosca, Herb Villa, Sanjeevan Srikrishnan (He/Him), Jim Kalogiros, Francois Sterin and Benoît Esvelin or OVHcloud, Olu (Gbenga) Rowaiye (he/him), Suvojit Ghosh, host Mary Allen...even Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger!

You can't register for this event via Meetup...but you *can* bypass the $100 reg fee by using the InsightaaS Guest pass code below.

Here's your chance to end 2021 on a high note. Please join us for a great, great day!

Reg link: https://pheedloop.com/GCDCS21/site/InsightaaSGuest

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