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Electric Blues Jam - 3rd Thursday

NOVA Music Center

8963 Center St · Manassas, VA

What we're about

The electric blues jam is open to all. It takes place at NOVA Music Center at 8963 Center St, Manassas. You will find absolute beginners playing with pro level musicians. All forms of BLUES are welcome. This group is all about getting musicians of all skill levels together in a non-rehearsed open forum. The atmosphere is friendly, low key, and open to all levels of singers and musicians. We rotate performers so everyone can participate. Note: - Even if you only know one song bring it to the jam. - Be prepared to sing if you call a song

Playing in a jam session can be a great way to meet fellow musicians and get more experience. Part of the fun at our event is that you're not ever really sure what might happen. Our Electric Blues Jams are less structured than other Jams. They are run by the group as a whole and often do not have a set leader. It's a bit more like a group of friends showing up in your basement. Everyone is welcome to come along and join in but in the interests of fair play and to make sure the night runs smoothly, we ask that guitar players keep in mind how many players show up for the night and rotate players.

Jam Tips
Say Hello, The first thing to do is to briefly introduce yourself to the other players.

Make sure that whatever you play is in balance with the rest of the band. Guitar players are known for playing too loud. Listen to the drummer and how loud he/she plays at every moment.

Communication and cues
When jamming, constantly look at other players, their eyes and their body language. There is so much, musically, that you can make happen this way. Breaks, modulations (sometimes yelled and the end of a song section), solos, vamps, all these things are only possible when the players make eye contact regularly.

Most of the time, on the guitar, you're either playing a melody, accompanying chords, fills or a solo. BUT, if there is another chord instrument, it's cool to just lay out for a while and let them do the comping.

Have Fun,
A jam session is also a place to make mistakes. It happens to everyone and it's no big deal.

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