What we're about

This is NOT a group featuring inane endless discussions on the topic. We ARE a group actively developing for the technologies.

This group is for anyone who is interested in advancing what is called the technology (software and hardware) of Virtual and Augmented Reality, in anyone of a number of fields or industries. This will be accomplished through NEW areas of investigations, research, design, construction and prototyping, refinement and testing, AND in some cases commercial production.

Areas of interest to this group, are:

• Research.

• Business.

• Games.

• Entertainment.

• Security.

• Tourism.

• Search and Rescue.

• Exploration.

Important to note - We are NOT an incubator so please do not show up seeking money, we are NOT some business offering services.

WE ARE a group of forward thinkers and researchers who would like to coalesce into a larger entity that will go on to do great things.

Again, please DO NOT show up expecting a salary OR demanding MONEY the moment you join. We do NOT provide that.

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