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What we’re about

Celebrating Plant-Powered Business, People, Lifestyles!

VEGAN Vancouver is an exciting new community and network of people and businesseswho have set out to fill a vegan and vegetarian community void in Vancouver area. 

The vision of VEGAN Vancouver is to bring together the voices, people and businesses, locally and internationally who celebrate a plant-based lifestyle for the health benefits, the love of animals or the future of our planet. From the 'veginner' to the seasoned vegan to vegan businesses, VEGAN Vancouver is a community that includes everyone who aspires to live and support vibrant, veg-conscious lifestyles. 

• Are you already living a veg-conscious life and hungry to learn more? 

• Are you a vegan-friendly business owner or social venture entrepreneur looking to meet others and/or you want to network or speak about your business? 

• Are you looking to begin your own vegan business or social venture?

• Are you living a vegan life and wanting to experience even more or meet others who celebrate this healthy lifestyle?

Or you may be one of the many curious and maybe even philosophically-aligned people who fears losing your present lifestyle or feel you will have to give up those foods and social activities you have enjoyed in your life. We deeply understand. We have been there and have the t-shirt, hat and jacket!

My name is Laura Simonson and I have been on a vegan path for over 25 years. I have lived, loved and shared this beautiful lifestyle both personally and professionally. Now today, this path includes leading a team that has set out to provide extraordinary whole, plant-based foods for dogs (and to provide the much-needed scientific evidence with the veterinarian community) through our exciting new brand called Virchew ( Lisa Chell, my awesome co-founder of Vegan Vancouver and the awesome woman behind Modern Vegan Family, is a vegan advocate, professional coach, facilitator, teacher, wife, mother of four and a doggie grandma. She lives and breathes to celebrate what is awesome about being vegan.  You'll also meet one of VEGAN Vancouver's great supporters and part of our admin team, Anne Pustil, a registered therapist and coach by day and a healthy foodie by night.

Lisa, Anne and I, along with a group of dynamic, plant-powered leaders, are thrilled to be coming together to offer events, resources, news and activities to support VEGAN Vancouver Lifestyles!

The three types of events we will be offering are:

Educational: Whether we are new to the veg path or have been loving a vegan life for years, learning from inspiring experts supports our lifestyles in unlimited ways. Our speakers, business leaders/owners and events will uplift you to a new level of plant-based positivity!

Business Networking and Workshops: For Vegpreneurs, Businesses, Consultants and Coaches or anyone aspiring to begin a career or business supporting vegan lifestyles.

Social: Meet and Eat! What better way to enjoy a veg life than meeting awesome, like-minded people while eating delicious food that nurture our bodies all at the same time? Need we say more?

Vancouver Newcomers: When we're new to a city we all want to meet people who share our vegan and animal-loving values. We understand this from first-hand experience. There's a BIG need for a VEGAN Vancouver Welcome and we're setting up monthly events in 2019! Watch for them.

Join the Plant-Powered, VEGAN Vancouver lifestyle today. We cannot wait to meet you at our next event or keep in the know through our page on Facebook at!

Peace, love, plants and dogs, 
Laura Simonson, Lisa Chell and Anne Pustil
778 968 8880