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Thank You for visiting the VEGphoenix Meetup Group website! We sponsor numerous regular events (dining out, potlucks, hiking) as well as many other fun-filled activities (food-tasting, parties, movies, fundraisers, seminars, etc.) for VEG-minded people, VEGANS, RAW Food Enthusiasts, and even the VEG-curious. We're a non-profit, all-inclusive group, so everyone is welcome with open arms!

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The World's Best RAW Food Potluck in Gilbert!

Natural Grocers

Come and experience the grandeur, the spectacle, the wonder of the world's most succulent and tantalizing foods. You'll discover new and creative dishes, consisting of savory and satisfying flavors, from foodstuffs found only in Nature. Get Real. Have Fun. Enjoy Life. And Living Foods! Hosted by Mary Ann. Socializing begins around 5:30pm, and food at about 5:45pm. Please bring a vegan raw food dish (veggies/nuts, herbs/spices, salt, olive oil are generally acceptable ingredients for dishes), or a salad (fruits, veggies, nuts, spices), or a fruit/veggie platter for six (or more) people. Don't know what to bring? There are literally 4.63 gazillion recipes on the Internet. Type in the words: "Raw Food Recipes" with a search and see what happens! To see what others have brought to this event in the past visit: https://www.meetup.com/VEGphx/photos/29452463/ https://www.meetup.com/VEGphx/photos/29368470/ HOUSE RULES at Natural Grocers: No items with gluten whatsoever are allowed in the potluck room at Natural Grocers; there's also no soliciting or selling of anything at the store (which is the exclusive realm of the venue hosting the event). And to cut down on costs/waste, please bring your own plate, utensils, and drinking cup. Also, if you could list the ingredients of your dish, that would be helpful to people with allergy issues. Finally, we must have cleaned and vacated the potluck room (just inside the front door to the left) by 8:15pm. Please cooperate in that regard. Also, be advised that this is a RAW-Vegan potluck. For those not familiar with "raw," that generally means no foodstuffs that have been heavily processed/heated/cooked. In other words, "raw" typically entails foodstuffs as Nature intended (e.g., fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts/seeds, sprouts) which have all their nutrients intact, and not cooked out of existence, nor processed into oblivion. Most manufactured/canned/bottled/packaged foods, such as popcorn, chips, Veganaise, etc. are typically not "raw"; though, cold-pressed olive oil, raw coconut aminos, raw agave, spices, and salt are generally-acceptable exceptions to the non-packaging precept. For those not familiar with the term "vegan," that generally means free from animal products and their derivatives. This includes all dairy products, honey, and whey. If, on the off chance that someone new attends this event, and is unfamiliar with the RAW-Vegan parameter of the event, please be in keeping with the longstanding tradition of the leadership and members of VEGphx to be accepting/understanding (in the moment) of all people, their current level of awareness, and their own individual paths in life. This means that if there is a particular potluck item that is not entirely "raw" and not entirely "vegan," do your part (in a calm and loving way) to help make sure that this item is clearly labeled as such, and let the participants at the event decide for themselves whether or not to indulge in it. Conversely, there is never an occasion at any VEGphx Food-sponsored event for emotional outbursts or hostilities shown toward any of the participants at any event on the part of our members. Please leave all emotional baggage at the entrance of this event, and do your part to not embarrass yourself or VEGphx (as group) with any childish behavior. Love is the most important ingredient in any type of recipe. Please note that there is a speaker this month, and sometimes event speakers are promoting a product or service for sale. Please be aware that VEGphx does not endorse any products or services that might be marketed at the event. Also note that your attendance during the presentation is not required, so feel free to walk out at any time; though it might be advisable to have your belongings close in hand (as well as you physically situated near the exit) to be as inconspicuous as possible if you decide to make an early exit.

FREE EVENT! Melanin Moms Natural VEGAN Expo with Taco Tuesdays!

Please join us for a fundraiser for the 2nd annual Melanin Moms Natural Expo. All are welcome, including kids of all ages! This event featuring Vegan/Raw tacos, plant-based pastries, organic goodies, jewelry, family friendly vendors. The Soul Center in Mesa is a Community Event and Wellness Venue located in Downtown, Mesa. They offer a safe place to join with like-minded individuals and gather for the highest good of all beings here on this beautiful planet. All of their Community offerings are Vegan.

100% FREE The RAW Vegan Experience Sampling Class with Haley!

Please join Haley, of Living Raw By Grace, for the exclusive, taste-sensational The RAW Vegan Experience Discounted Class in north Phoenix! This class will feature a terrific sampling of 3 RAWmazing treats: Heavenly Fettucine Alfredo, tantalize-the-taste-buds Happy Tummy Cake Balls, and a scrumptious Mango Delight Smoothie. Experience the taste of joy across your tongue with every bite! The discounted class includes food and is FREE to attend. Reserve your spot now to savor the flavor at this delicious and nutritious event! PLEASE NOTE: Even though this is a FREE class, you must RSVP at http://www.livingrawbygrace.com/classes.html to secure your spot. An RSVP here at Meetup.com will only let others in our group know you'll be there. You must pre-register to ensure adequate food supplies and to guarantee a space for you at this FREE event. More About Living Raw By Grace: Are you interested in learning how to lose weight permanently, how to cure chronic diseases, and how to feel and look your best? Living Raw By Grace holds classes and will coach you one-on-one to equip you with recipes that are healthy, simple, and inexpensive! Learn more about raw foods and their healing properties as we come together to make delicious, yet incredibly-simple dishes. Go to a class and ask all the questions you can possibly think; download a video that demonstrates simple recipes, browse through one of LRBG's UnCookBooks; book a party in your own home and bring health and hope to your family and friends; or just email your questions, and be inspired to a healthier you! Visit the Living Raw By Grace website and blog at http://www.livingrawbygrace.com/ Raw Living By Grace Contact Info: Haley Cloud:[masked] E-mail: [masked] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LivingRawByGodsGrace (https://www.facebook.com/LivingRawByGodsGrace) Twitter: Lvngrawbygrace Website: http://www.livingrawbygrace.com/ (http://www.livingrawbygrace.com/) See for yourself the Amazing Power of RAW Food! of RAW Food!

15th Annual Endless Summer Party at 24 Carrots in Tempe!

Hip, hip, hooray, 24 Carrots is rolling out the red carpet for us for our 15th Annual Endless Summer Party in celebration! Where you're invited to tantalize your taste buds and energize your palate at this delightful VEGAN/RAW restaurant! 24 Carrots has a lip-smacking menu with succulent flavors, juices, and adult beverages (specialty cocktails and spiked smoothies), and we'll be there for a special evening of terrific VEGAN/RAW food, raucous laughter, and scintillating conversation at our official Endless Summer Party! This all-VEG restaurant and juice bar has a spacious dining area, a sumptuous menu, and a bakery! Try something delightful from 24 Carrot's array of fabulous VEG and RAW Vegan items; from a plethora of fresh-as-the-morning-dew scrumptious VEG breakfast foods, salads, sandwiches, burgers, pita pizzas, as well as terrific juices, teas, and smoothies. 24 Carrots is located on the SW corner of Guadalupe Rd and McClintock Dr, in the strip mall with Trader Joe's, Changing Hands Bookstore, and Wildflower Bread Company. You'll find them just west of Baskin Robbins, directly facing Guadalupe Rd. at the far west end of the strip mall. If you get lost, call/text Steve at[masked]! Check out this week's menu and daily specials on their facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/24Carrots

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