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VERB is a discussion group open to anyone interested in getting tied up in rope, in any way, for any reason! If you like getting tied up or are interested in trying it out some day, please join us for our monthly discussion!

We are a group of people ranging from folks/folx that are entirely new to rope bondage and kink to highly experienced rope bottoms that have been active in the kink community for years. We are also switches with our bottoming hats on, service tops, and left side of the slash people that just bottom for rope in any capacity! All sorts of backgrounds, walks of life, identities, and levels of experience are truly welcome to join us in learning about being on the receiving end of rope bondage and rope play!

Folks that only do the tying or only apply rope to others (aka people that never bottom for rope in any capacity) are not welcome at VERB events in effort to create a safer space for people that get tied up to share and learn from each other. If you are a top or person that currently does the tying and you are interested in learning about bottoming for the sake for bottoming (you are interested in learning about getting tied up for the sake of getting tied up), please message the organizer to discuss attending VERB.

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