What we're about

A chance for like minded women to meet up and chat about their online businesses in luxurious surroundings.

You might already be working with a coach (or two) but you understand the importance of face to face connection to keep the energy vibe high.

This group is for:
High vibe women looking to openly chat & share about all things biz online.
Women who are going BIG in their business.
Women seeking time & money freedom.
Women who understand that they rise through elevating & supporting others.
Women who love a posh coffee (or tea!).
Women who get excited about bouncing ideas off one another in luxurious surroundings.

This group is not for you if:
You are trying to create another JOB online.
You want traditional corporate ways of doing things, Powerpoint presentations, starchy discussions etc.
If you don't like a little bit of woowoo & a dash personal development.