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As an entrepreneur, it’s very important to convey your brand image at all times. After all, it only takes 7 seconds for someone to form an opinion of you, and once formed, it’s difficult to change it. You are a representative of your brand at all times and the first impression of it starts with you.

You never know when and where your next business contact is coming from, so we should always keep in mind that every outfit we choose is conveying some sort of message.

In this day and age, professionals come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s more important that your look embodies who you truly are than fits into some corporate standard of what “professional” traditionally means. As always authenticity is key, but that’s also not the entire story. It’s important that your look harmonises with your personality, lifestyle, body shape, colouring, height, bone structure, and most importantly, what we want the world to think and feel about us and our brand.

With this in mind, we have created a series of workshops dedicated to taking you on a style journey that’s guaranteed to help you elevate your style, develop your personal brand, and ensure you feel confident and empowered not just in your professional endeavours but in life as a whole.

“7 Steps to Creating Your True Style Identity” is a unique 5 part Webinar Series developed by stylists Chloe Jean and Ewelina Barwicka, experts in beauty, style and professional image for entrepreneurs. Each workshop is completely unique and builds on the information you learnt from the last, to create a personalised style journey that will lead you to your ultimate True Style Identity.

The webinars will run daily at 8pm from 18th to 22nd of June, each webinar will be for a max of 35min. We have prepared a fantastic surprise at the end of the series so please make sure you attend; you do not want to miss it!

There is one link for each of the webinars. Here it is:
https://zoom.us/j/2055488717 (https://meet.meetup.com/wf/click?upn=pEEcc35imY7Cq0tG1vyTtxy9hL-2FonX8KYi9cw6ssMQ7xRbtsC5Lg5n6KbSQHUvBa_43UxWH1FbdEmqY2yVLhbeTSkgFV61SsMrJ2zo0YjzSnChHHMf7jE-2FsG3xk7r6h8c9GtPgS0SPNs1Z6KO3Am1-2FN1SaV6WgGlaDPH2nc5cyFgpKpbzniG3D49Yt-2Bz0yWIkbRJZRzinm5K51f6TXqgFnkjjGf217pwC-2BNMqax1kH74-2BwgfawIpcoXq2XWRhR9G9js8P-2FJTJ2zCv9pRWtOL6Xh5bF7BvGGa-2FS563KagA-2Fhg-3D)

Here is a list of all of the webinars and what you'll learn in each of them:

Monday 18.6.18 Analyse your current style & establish your "True Style Identity" (Steps 1 &2)

Tuesday 19.6.18 Learn what styles & shapes suit your body & bone structure (Step 3)

Wednesday 20.6.18 Colours & Makeup Workshop. Colours for make-up, hair & clothes (Step 4)

Thursday 21.6.18 Wardrobe Management- How to keep it all under control (Step 5)

Friday 22.6.18 Accessorising & Smart Shopping Tips from the Experts (Steps 6 & 7)

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Our workshops are really intimate so you'll get the personal attention of two fashion & make-up experts for 2 full hours and refreshments will be provided for you.

We can't wait to meet you!

If you have any questions send a message to vipstyletribe@gmail.com

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